NAME 名前​​

Yoko Fukatsu 深津 陽子



Japanese, English, Thai

ヨガスタイル STYLE

ハタヨガ, ヴィンヤサ

Basic Hatha, Vinyasa






2009 全米ヨガアライアンス認定200時間TT修了
2010 アヌサラヨガイマージョン1&2受講
2010 ジョンフレンド3日間集中トレーニング受講
2011 アヌサラヨガイマージョン2受講
2012 インサイトヨガ20時間TT修了

Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher training in 2009
Anusara Yoga Immersion 1 & 2 with Jonas Westring in 2010 
3 day intensive training with John Friend in 2010 
Anusara Yoga Immersion 2 with Bridget Woods Kramer in 2011 
20 hour Insight Yoga with Sarah Powers in 2012 ​

WHY DO YOU TEACH YOGA? なぜヨガを教えるのですか?


Yoga has given me so much benefit to balance my body and mind ever since I've started practicing in 2007, and I believe it should be spread to more people. I completed my 200 hour teacher training to deepen my understanding of yoga for myself and didn't really think of becoming a teacher, but I realised teaching yoga is not just teaching poses, but it also cultivates compassion for others. I love the fact both teacher and students benefit from yoga.

WHY DO YOU TEACH YOGA? あなたのヨガの哲学は何ですか?


I have a strong influence of Anusara yoga and Thai Massage, and focus on alignment and therapeutic aspects. I also consider the season, weather and time of my class and try to integrate these factors to balance the ying and yang.

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