Taiwan - Taitong (World Trip Day 5)

April 7, 2015

 We took a train to Taitong from Tainan...the scenery of the western coast of Taiwan was breathtaking.

Taitung County is one of the main producers of rice in Taiwan. Feeding more than twenty millions of Taiwanese people with quality rice.
Except for the visual lush green that soothes my heart,
Breathe deeply and take in the good smell of rice fields.
Let's stretch the body, feel the sensation of the wind touches the skin.




 We made a video besides the pond in Taitung Forest Park, vinyasa flow for digestive system. Feel free to check out the video below.


 Taiwan is famous for its good food, in Taitong we went to 榕樹下米苔目,that was one of the best noodles I have ever had!


The best way to explore the beauty of Taitong is on bicycle wheels, our couchsurfing host was kind enough to lend us two bikes, which we spent a day on seeing the country side of Taiwan. We saw a park with some hot balloon decorations and was wondering why. Actually there's an annual Taiwan International Balloon Festa happening in the summer, and this year is taken place in Taitong from June to August. Though we won't be here during this time but hopefully we can ride a hot balloon later in Turkey in August!




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