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オンラインクラスの参加に必要なプロップス Props You Need for Online Classes


Practicing yoga at a studio you will have all the props you need for the practice. But if you're considering practicing more often at home with online classes, here are the props you'll need.

スタジオではヨガの練習に必要なプロップスが全て用意されているかと思いますが、 もし家でもオンラインクラスでもっと練習しようと考えている場合は以下のプロップスが必要となるでしょう。

A Yoga Mat A decent yoga mat should be the first thing you invest in. There are many choices on the market, try to get one with good grip so you feel more stable in the poses especially if your practice is more active.



Two Yoga Blocks You will need two yoga blocks. And if you practice with me I use 2 blocks almost every class. Some cheaper blocks on the market are too soft and don't provide enough support. Try to invest in a decent pair with firmer materials.



A Yoga Strap A yoga strap is a useful tool in the practice. I'm not very picky about yoga straps, so I think anything that's longer than about 2m will do the job. And if you rather not to get a strap for now, in most cases you can also use a long scarf to begin with.



A Yoga Bolster If you're practicing yin yoga or prenatal yoga with me, a good firm bolster is something you might want to check out. A big long pillow or a cushion might work as well.



A Meditation Cushion This is not a must, but I find having a good meditation cushion helps me to sit in better posture for longer periods of time. You can totally use blankets as an alternative.


これは絶対に必要な物ではありませんが、私自身、いい瞑想用クッションは長時間より良い姿勢で座ることを助けてくれると感じています。代替品としてブランケットを使っても全く構いません。 Blankets You will need one or two blankets to sit on for meditation, in seated postures, and to keep warm in shavasana. Just whatever you can find at home, the firmer ones will be more useful than the softer ones.



Please check out my online classes if you're interested. I can't wait to get connected with you!


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