• Sandra Fang


Some Thoughts on Teaching Vinyasa Yoga (2)


伝統的に、ヨガは身体の解剖学を詳細に解析してはおらず、「練習をして、感じる」といった感覚のものでした。それがここ数十年の間に、体と心に効果的で有益であると科学的に証明されるようになりました。 ヨガの先生として時に私たちは生徒さんの怪我や体の痛みに接します。ヨガを教えるのに、全ての骨や筋肉を知る必要があるでしょうか?




2020年2月からヴィンヤサTT募集中、興味がある方是非参加してくださいね! yoga-viola.net/yogacourse/vinyasa https://www.facebook.com/events/2479178872339338/

Why do we need to study yoga anatomy? Is it important as a yoga teacher to know every single bone and muscle in the body?

Traditionally, yoga was not analyzed in detailed physiological anatomy, it was more of a “practice and feel” kind of experience. Over the past few decades yoga has been proven scientifically to be effective and beneficial for the body and mind. As yoga teachers we are sometimes approached by students about their injuries and pains in the body. Do we need to know all the bones and muscles in the body to teach yoga?

Even though knowing all the answers to all the questions can be impressive. But the body is such a complex and amazing system that will take us the rest of our lives to study. When it comes to yoga anatomy, instead of focusing on all the details, I think it’s important to spend time learning the things that are most relevant to our yoga practice. With my background in kinesiology and my study with my dear teachers, Jason Crandell, Bernie Clark, and Tiffany Cruikshank, in my next vinyasa yoga teacher training in February 2020 at Violatricolor Yoga Studio in Osaka, I would like to share my knowledge of yoga anatomy with you all in a way that is interesting, easy to digest, and most importantly, practical. We will learn about how the major muscles relate to the movements in our yoga practice, how our individual skeletal differences can affect our asana practice, and how to prevent common yoga injuries.

May we, as yoga teachers, continue to learn, in order to offer our students a safe environment to explore their own body and mind.

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yoga-viola.net/yogacourse/vinyasa https://www.facebook.com/events/2479178872339338/

Text by: Sandra Japanese Translation: HIDEMI