• Sandra Fang

肩関節解剖学WS Report


こんにちはSandraです。 私が考えるヨガ先生にとって重要なことの一つは、クラスを受ける生徒さんがヨガを安全にそして楽しく練習ができることです。そのためにはヨガを教える、教わる側の両方が、骨格や筋肉が私たちの身体にどのように作用し機能しているのかを正しく理解していく必要があると感じています。そんな想いから、私はヨガ解剖学ワークショップを開催しています。





As a yoga teacher, to make sure that all my students enjoy practicing yoga safely is really one of the most important things for me. That’s the reason why I planned to teach a series of yoga anatomy workshops. Last Sunday we just finished the shoulder anatomy WS at Tamisa Yoga Studio in Kyoto. We talked about the characteristics of the shoulder joint, the muscles that stabilize the shoulder blades and the humerus, the variations of the human bones, and the analysis of the yoga asanas. Things I can’t express myself in Japanese in regular classes, Noriko said it all for me. Things that I can’t show via a projector in regular classes, I was able to do it in a WS.

Last year, I was supposed to teach the same workshop around the same time of the year, but I had to cancel it 3 weeks in advance because I had terrible morning sickness during my pregnancy. I’m very grateful to be able to share all the important knowledge with everyone again. Thanks to everyone who joined me, and Noriko for her extraordinary translation as always!

Please stay tuned for our next anatomy workshop at Tamisa on November 25th! Event info will be up in two weeks or so. We will be talking about the spine this time.