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Yogis English 京都入門コースReport



今年からは京都のTamisa Yoga Studioで開催し、Yogis English入門コースが先日終了しました。ゲストティチャーNoriko先生、Maya先生、私の助手Hidemi先生、そして参加した皆さん、ありがとうございます!


コースの詳細については、次のリンクをご覧ください https://tamisa-yoga.com/program/workshop/sanjo/yogis-english-2018-1.html

全4つのコースから目標に合わせたレベルでヨガ英語を学ぶ 入門コース -- 英語のヨガを楽しもう 初級コース -- 英語のヨガを理解しよう 中級コース -- 英語のヨガを教えよう 通訳育成コース -- ヨガ通訳者になろう

詳し情報はこちらです https://www.yogisenglish.com/

Though I live and teach yoga in Japan, I often go abroad to take teacher trainings to deepen my yoga knowledge, Canada, US, UK, Germany, Singapore, etc. Especially in trainings with renowned yoga teachers, the room is easily packed with more than 60 trainees from around the world. Nevertheless, I rarely see Japanese people in the trainings.

Why is that?

Because most Japanese can’t speak English.

Yoga is becoming globalized. English skill is really the key to exchanging yoga knowledge. With that mission in mind, we continue to work hard to improve our Yogis English courses so that more Japanese yoga practitioners and teachers can learn the language skill which will broaden their yoga horizon.

It’s such an honour to be able to work on this project with Tamisa Yoga Studio in Kyoto starting this year. Our first introductory course has just ended, what a sense of satisfaction to see all the participants thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks to guest teachers Noriko, Maya, my assistant Hidemi, and everyone who joined the course!

Can’t wait for our next term beginner course to begin in October! It’s recommended for anyone interested in yoga and English.

Check out the following link for course detail, looking forward to having you with us!https://tamisa-yhttps://tamisa-yoga.com/program/workshop/sanjo/yogis-english-2018-1.html

4 Levels of Yogis English Introductory Course -- Let’s enjoy yoga in English Beginner Course -- Understanding yoga in English Intermediate Course -- Teaching yoga in English Advanced Course -- Yoga interpreter Course

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