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Svadhyaya -- Recommended Books

Last week in my regular vinyasa classes I talked about Svadhyaya, the fourth niyama in the eight limbs of yoga.

Svadhyaya means "self-study", or the ability to see our true divine nature through continuous study of sacred texts and contemplation of our life's lessons.

This is one of the reasons why I never get bored of my job as a yoga teacher. Learning is an endless journey. We need to be curious about this outside world as well as our inner world.

As I said in the class, I would like to recommend some books to anyone who's interested in understanding themselves better in order to find their true path. I'm sure there are lots of great books out there that are not mentioned here, so to continue to read would be my own svadhyaya.

#5. Mindfulness for Beginners -- Yoshida Masao

1日10分で自分を浄化する方法~マインドフルネス瞑想入門 -- 吉田 昌生

Since I live in Japan and most of my students are Japanese. I would like to recommend this easy to understand mindfulness meditation book by Yoshida. I truly believe that mindfulness is an important part of the yoga practice.

#4. A Life Worth Breathing -- Max Strom

Last year when I travel to Germany, I took a yoga teacher training with Max Strom. During my world trip, I would listen to this audio book while traveling from place to place, on the buses, on the planes. One line that really ingrained in my mind was that “We live in fear of terrorism but in actuality the most devastating terrorism comes from within us as we sabotage ourselves.” Max leads us into the transformation of our body, emotion, and mind.

#3. 嫌われる勇気 -- 岸見一郎

As far as I know, this book has no English version, at least not for now. But its Chinese version is out in Taiwan already. The book records the conversations, between a philosopher and a young man, based on Alfred Adler's psychology theories. It really resonates with me and some theories give me another perspective to life.

#2. True Love -- Thich Nhat Hanh

ブッダ「愛」の瞑想 -- ティク・ナット・ハン

Thich Nhat Hanh is really my spiritual teacher. I have read many of his books and "True Love" is one of my favourites. He uses the easiest words to speak the truth and to touch many people's hearts. His books are one of the treasures of the humankind!

#1. Siddhartha -- Hermann Hesse

シッダールタ-- ヘルマン・ヘッセ

Hermann Hesse was a German novelist, who received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1946. This book is my favourite of all time. I read it for the first time last year when I was traveling around the world and I can imagine myself reading it again and again as I get older. Siddhartha, an Indian young man who left his royal home to search for enlightenment. His journey lead him through a series of challenges and realizations. I think we all have this "Siddhartha" in everyone of us. We must never cease to search our true path.

Okay! That's the end of it! Let me know how you like them. Find me on Facebook

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