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Yogis English Workshop #8 Started on Sunday

「第8回・ヨギーのための英語ワークショップ」全10回コースが6月5日から大阪Shakti Yoga Studioで始まりました♪ これからもワクワク毎回楽しみにしています!^____^

Yogis English Workshop #8 has started on June 5th! This term we brought it to a higher level. With upgraded textbooks, audio files, supported by Shakti Yoga in Osaka, the atmosphere at the first lesson was superb! Students are enthusiastic to start a new journey of learning a language!

After 7 terms of Yogis English Workshop, we strongly felt the need to make it two different levels to fit students' English abilities. It took us five months to plan, discuss, and to revise the textbooks. We are so thrilled to see the fruits of our efforts printed on paper!

At our first lesson, students were eager to learn, they let go of their shyness and spoke out in their second language. I was impressed by the great questions they asked and how excited they were to communicate with one another in English. I have a feeling that their English skills will improve so much in the next 5 months!

Tae and I started this workshop 4 years ago aiming to help yogis, yoga translators, yoga teachers to learn English related to yoga so that they can understand yoga classes in English directly and to teach foreign students in English. Every student come to this workshop with a goal and a purpose in their mind. Our job, as teachers, is with our best ability to help them to achieve it.

And of course, the most important thing is to enjoy learning! I'm so thrilled to spend more fun Sunday afternoons with these beautiful people in the next 5 months!

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