• Sandra

Spring Cleansing

Spring Series 1 - Herb Planting


Spring Equinox is coming on March 20th this year, when the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of the day and night is nearly equal. It also marks the first day of spring! Our body feels lighter and our mood is brighter! It’s a perfect time to plant some flowers or herbs! Here are my favourite herbs - rosemary, mint, and basil seeds still not yet germinated. They are great for the eyes, their aromas are best to relax the mind, and they add great flavours to pasta!

Spring Series 2 - Cleansing

春が一年で一番好きな季節と答える人は多いでしょう!花が咲き、暖かくなり、日照時間も長くなり始めます。一年の始まりの季節にデトックスで身体を清めてみましょう。ネティポット(鼻うがい)をすることで、花の中にあるホコリや細菌、花粉などを洗い流してくれます。終わった後には、乾燥を防ぐためにナスヤオイルを入れることで乾燥を防ぎます。 花粉が飛び交い出す春に皆さんも始めてみてはいかがでしょうか? 興味がある方は下にある動画のリンクをチェックしてくださいね。

Spring is many people’s favourite season. The flowers are blooming, the weather is getting warmer, the sunshine is longer, and we feel lighter! However, many people also suffer from pollen allergies. Spring is a season to detox and cleanse the body. I use Neti pot in the morning to cleanse the nasal passages and to clear out mucous, dust, bacteria, pollen from the nose. I then use Nasya oil to lubricate the nasal tissues and prevent dryness. If you’re interested, check out these videos about how to use Neti pot and Nasya oil.

Neti Pot https://vimeo.com/36060527?from=outro-embed

Nasya https://vimeo.com/36060891

Spring Series 3 - Food

アーユルヴェーダにとって、春は身体を解毒するのに最適な季節と言われています。春には軽く、身体を暖める、クレンジングする食材が身体のバランスを整え、いいとされています。春には苦みや、辛み、そして渋みがある食材を多く摂取することで、身体のバランスを整えていきましょう。 アーユルヴェーダの教えでは、葉野菜、人参、大根、ナス、ピーマン、パプリカ、ペパーミント、ローズマリー、りんごなどが春に適した食材とされています!

According to ayurveda, spring is the perfect season to detoxify the body. To bring balance we need to eat light, warm and cleansing foods. The tastes to focus on in the spring are bitter, pungent, and astringent. There are many vegetables and fruits harvested during this season are good for the body, including green-leave vegetables, carrots, daikon, eggplants, bell peppers, paprika, peppermint, rosemary, apples, etc. Try to lighten up your body and mood now through healthy diets!

Spring Series 4 - Move the Body




In Spring, it’s time to get out of our shells and move our body. Get our blood flowing, thaw out from the heaviness of winter, and generate a light sweat to detoxify the body. According to Ayurveda, it’s recommended that we increase the dynamic and heating qualities of our asana practice to energize, detoxify, and balance the body and mind.