• Sandra

Smoothie 4 - Mixed Berry Smoothie

スムージー#4 - ミックスベリースムージー Smoothie #4 - Mixed Berry Smoothie


レシピ(2人前) バナナ:1.5本 冷凍ミックスベリー:1カップ グラノーラ:4テーブルスプーン ヨーグルト:カップの半分 牛乳または水:1カップ 蜂蜜:1ティースプーン

The weather is getting hotter recently. Every time I walk into a supermarket, I start to miss the fresh and cheap blueberries and cherries in Vancouver! Berries in Japan are super pricy, but fortunately, frozen berries are available! Recently we have been drinking mixed berry smoothie in the morning, it’s delicious, simple, and great for the summer heat!

Recipe (2 servings) Banana: 1.5 Frozen mixed berry: 1 cup Granola: 4 table spoon Yogurt: half of a cup Milk or water: 1 cup honey: 1 tea spoon