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Art Exhibition "Life in Between"


We went to see our friend Yuko Imai's solo art exhibition "Life in Between" in Kyoto today. Recommended for anyone interested in art to check it out before May 8th!

Her artworks were inspired by her own experiences in Abu Dhabi and her simple life now in the rural area of Ibaraki prefecture.

"I'm living in the quiet rural area of Ibaraki prefecture now. Day after day, things seem to stay the same. Nature follows its own cycle. But I hear the chaotic news from around the world all the time. I feel like, I should be out there doing something. But then, I realized that everything is flowing. And I'm a part of this flowing life as well."

"連作「The Flow」では、自然界と人間社会に共通して流れる命に焦点を当て、展開を試みる。



--- 今井悠子




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