• Sandra

Smoothie 3: Pumpkin Smoothie

Smoothie #3: Pumpkin Smoothie スムージー3回目:かぼちゃのスムージー


レシピ (2人前) バナナ:2本 かぼちゃ:1/6個 (湯がいたもの) グラノーラ:スプーン4杯 カシューナッツ:スプーン1杯 牛乳:1カップ はちみつ or 砂糖:ティスプーン1杯

"The creamy texture of pumpkin must make great smoothies!" I thought to myself, so I came up with this recipe and it tasted great! Add some nuts and granola to it will add a new dimension to its flavour. Try it out!

Recipe (2 servings) Banana: 2 pumpkin: 1/6 boiled Granola: 4 table spoon cashew nuts: 1 table spoon milk: 1 cup honey or sugar: 1 tea spoon