• Sandra

Thailand - Chiang Mai (World Trip Day 50)

Chiangmai is like the Kyoto of Thailand, surrounded by mountains, it's in a windless basin. Heat gets trapped and it feels like an oven in the summer days. The monsoon rains come unexpectedly, washing this temple-filled ancient capital city.

It's my second time in Chiangmai. The first time I came here 9 years ago for a 10-day vipassana course at Wat Rampeng at the end of my backpacking trip. It taught me to always remember to continue the journey within. No matter what our jobs are, really our lifelong career is to strive to be better people. The vision and intention of how to live a more meaningful life can only stem from a clear mind. And this requires continuous practice.

(The monastery where I stayed for a 10-day vipassana course in 2009)

Buddhism is worshiped here like no other places in Southeast Asia. One day we headed to Wat Umong at dawn. Along the way, so many orange-robed monks on barefoot collecting their morning alms. They are usually in groups of three to five, people offer food and kneel down, receiving prayers from the monks in return. It's unbelievable to the outsiders that this custom still survive until now.

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