• Sandra

Thailand - Ayutthaya (World Trip Day 43)

The red peacock flowers bloom passionately, decorating the blue sky and the earth in the hot summer months in northern Thailand. We took a local train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Siam to see the brick-ruins of hundreds of temples and palaces. We explored the city on bicycle for two days, imagining what the empires must have looked at its zenith hundreds of years ago.

One of the highlights was the sandstone buddha head embedded in the tree roots. I’ve seen this on books a million times, so thrilled to finally get to see it in reality. Nobody knows how it ended up there. Back in the days, Ayutthaya was invaded by Burmese army. Some thieves stole buddha heads leaving many buddha statues headless. Lucky this one was too heavy to be taken away. So an unique art piece had formed over the years. The monsoon season is approaching. The weather changes like a baby’s face. Minutes ago the sun burns and minutes later the sky poured and we were soaked completely. Love these little unpredictable episodes on the road.

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