• Sandra

Cambodia - Siem Reap vol. 4 (World Trip Day 27)

Ta Prohm is another very unique temple at Angkor, built in 1186 by Jayavarman Ⅶ in honor of his mother. The whole area of Angkor had been abandoned for hundreds of years, when it was rediscovered in the 19th century, all the temples had been swallowed by jungles.

It’s still taking a lot of efforts to restore the architectures, Cambodia can not do it alone. Many countries are helping out with the restoration work at angkor. Each country would choose one temple and join force with Cambodia to rebuild them. For example, Bayon is “adopted” by Japan, Baphuon is “adopted” by France. And this temple Ta Prohm is an India-Cambodia co-operation. In other temples, trees are cut down to restore the original architecture. But India has a different take on it. Their philosophy is, we, humans have no right to cut down these hundreds-of-years-old trees. Ta Prohm is truly an example of the peaceful coexistence of architecture and nature.

Early morning and late afternoon are good times to come here and enjoy a stroll around Ta Prohm. Giant Banyan trees, strangler figs, and Kapok trees entwined themselves around the ancient ruin. It’s amazing, how much power and potentials a little seed can possess. When I was strolling around the temple I saw some parachute seeds with silky hairs. They dance and allow the wind to take them far away.

Everything has its own cycle. Thanks for the important lesson Ta Prohm.

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