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Taiwan - Taipei, Jiufen (World Trip Day 9)


I'm at a coffee shop in Taipei reading a book I just picked up at Eslite Bookstore. I needed this time to slow down and collect my thoughts. Our trip to Taiwan has almost coming to the end. Everyday there are just so many new things to learn, so many people we share paths with. And reading some good books really helps me to reflect and thus adds more dimensions to the journey.

Later I'll be going to Taipei Yoga Life, an annual event in Taipei organized by Easy Yoga. I've been anticipating for this event since two months ago when I booked the tickets, imagining it to be held on a sunny weekend, I'm in my tank top and can't wait to move with other hundreds of people to the rhythm of our bodies, celebrating the practice of yoga. Sometimes life is not what you have expected it to be. Today in Taipei, the sky is grey. People in their down jackets and covered by umbrellas. There's no sign that the rain will stop anytime soon.

Taipei Yoga Life

Taipei Yoga Life workshop with Raphael

But I love these moments. The meaning of traveling to me is not about how many tourist sites you've visited. It's about the connection with the people there, the unexpected moments that make you sweat, the warm offer of help by strangers, and the alone moments that you're left to face yourself. I really appreciate the help we have received so far from our friends, couch surfing hosts, and strangers. We wish we had more time to spend with each and everyone of you. The warmth of the Taiwanese people is the main reason that draws me back here again and again.

Jiu Fen

After its gold mining prosperity and popular filming sight scene in "A City of Sadness", Jiufen enjoys its tourist boom in the recent years. It was a pleasant day strolling around this old town in the northeast of Taiwan.

About 10 minutes bus ride from the touristy Jiufen Taiwan, Looking down on Jinguashi, once a prosperous mining town during the Japanese occupation era. People soon left after the gold rush ceased. Half of a century later, we come here for its relics to find the traces left behind by time.

台湾で最も有名な観光地九ふんからバスで約10分ほどの所にある金瓜石は、日本統治時代に金を採掘するため繁栄した鉱山です。 ゴールドラッシュが終わると、採掘の仕事をしていた人々はすぐにこの地を去っていきました。半世紀後の現在、私は時間が残した痕跡を見つけるためにここを訪れます。

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