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Taiwan - Tainan (World Trip Day 4)

April 6th, World trip day 4, Tainan, Taiwan

Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan. It has the reputation of being the Kyoto of Taiwan. Wandering around the city streets and back alleys, I’m captivated by its rich culture and people’s lifestyles. 台南は台湾で最も古い都市。 台湾の京都のような、古い文化や風習が残っているこの地域。 街の通りや路地にうつろいながら、 その豊かな文化と人々のライフスタイルに魅了される。

Tainan is no doubt my favorite city in Taiwan I've been to so far. At a glance, it's no difference than any other cities in Taiwan, but the more you explore it's back alleys, temples, and historic sites, you'll be captivated by its traditional culture and charm. No wonder it has the reputation being the Kyoto in Taiwan.

Its historic sites reflect the many layers of history and cultures from the Dutch occupation, Koxinga period, Qing administration, and Japanese colonial era. What I like about Taiwan is that these architectures left from history is not isolated and being preserved like dinosaur fossils, they are merged into the locals everyday life. Important sites like Confucius temple and Chihkan Tower are like community parks to the locals. Frequent singing contest in the middle of these cultural sites attract hundreds of local audience.

Confucius temple

Confucius temple

Chihkan Tower

Chihkan Tower

Staying away from the tourist sites, you may also experience the artsy vibe by dropping in some cafés, and wandering into the hidden back alleys. The smell of rich food filled the air and bubble milk tea shops are in every street corner.

Street food

Like a local writer, Yeh Shitao, described, "Tainan is the place for us to come to dream, work, fall in love, get married, and settle down."

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