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Taiwan - Taichung (World Trip Day 2)

If it were not for the fact that our good friend Lin lives in Taichung, like most travelers we would easily skip this city. Lin planned a tight schedule and showed us on his four-wheels. That makes me realize friends are really gold when you're out there traveling. Lin’s house is in the middle of a street market. In the early morning, having an alarm is absolutely not necessary as the noises of crowds will wake you up. We left home and joined the crowds doing their morning grocery shopping. At the end of the road, stood a local temple (永興宮). The incense sticks are burning since dawn offered by people who come to make wishes and pay tributes. It’s not difficult to tell that believes play an important role in the locals life.

Market in front of Lin's house

Red lanterns

After breakfast, Lin drove us to Dawn Cake Miyahara Branch. (日出宮原店)It’s a shop renovated from an old Japanese ophthalmologist clinic. It’s famous for cakes, pastries, ice creams & chocolates. The building’s unique interior design and the well-packaged sweets attract both the locals and tourists. Good-looking staff in traditional Chinese uniforms help customers in a professional and friendly manner. A staff proudly told us that there are 5 chain stores of Dawn Cake and all of them are in Taichung, “So we attract people from Taipei, Gaohsiung, and even around the world!” she said.

Dawn Cake Miyahara Branch in Taichung (日出宮原店)

Lin later brought us to his friend, Miru’s gallery. She organizes events for individual films and helps illustration artists to set up exhibitions. I am so inspired by the Taiwanese young people I’ve met so far, very down to earth, yet have the courage to follow their dreams.

Stylish Lin and I

Slowing pace, clearing mind, exploring life and art.

We ended our day with sunset viewing, night market, and night view from the mountain. A big THANK to Lin for planning and spending this wonderful day with us!


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