• Sandra

Getting Ready for my World Trip

Have been preparing for our world trip for about half of a year, and can't believe that it's coming up tomorrow.

Now the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Sakura symbolizes a new beginning and the transience of life. We thought that it is the perfect timing for a new lifestyle.


"Knowledge & wisdom come from books and from experience of the world."

It's really a dream-comes-true experience...

Beautiful spring in Kyoto

We will miss Kamogawa

Many friends ask me what do I bring for my world trip. No doubt, it's important to choose wisely what to pack for eight months. I really need to leave behind things that exist for the comfort and pleasure of life and take only the essentials. Gotta take my yoga mat and belt with me so I can stay grounded during the trip. A down jacket for later when we enter South Africa and Europe. A sleeping sheet in case if we have to stay over at the airport, train station, etc. An umbrella for both the sun and rain.

To capture the everything on the road, a good camera is a must.

No one would disagree that good footware on the road is like a good engine for a car. I chose a pair of North Face runners and Teva sandles. よろしくお願いします!

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