• Sandra

Myanmar - Yangon vol.2 (World Trip Day 67)

An Unexpected Yoga Class in Yangon

After a 14-hour night bus ride we arrived in Yangon from Inle Lake in the early morning. Today is our last day in Myanmar. We went straight to Bandoola Park just to chill out before we head to the airport. This park is in the center of the city near Sula Pagoda, right across the city hall. Every morning, throngs of local people gather to do their exercise here. This place has its political significance. In 2007, protests against the national military government led by thousands of Buddhist monks were taken place here. In contract, today it is a relaxing place for families and friends to hangout.

We bumped into Elizabeth, an American lady who stayed at the same guesthouse as we did a week ago in Yangon. She came up and asked me if I could teach a yoga class to a group of Burmese people. With all our luggages and my body dirty and stinky I was a bit reluctant at first. But they all had their mats spread out so I took the chance.

I’m so glad that I did. though not everyone could understand English, it was priceless to see how happy they were after the class. The precious moments on the journey for me are those unexpected interactions with the locals. Sometimes we can let go of plans and just go with the flow, and allow these surprises to bloom like flowers in our lives. Myanmar is for sure the most memorable country on our trip so far. Meeting and sharing time with the charming people here is the best way to appreciate what’s truly golden about this land.

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