• Sandra

Myanmar - Inle Lake vol.1 (World Trip Day 64)

We booked a boat for a day to see Inle Lake from sunrise to sunset. We paid a bit more and told the boat driver to skip all the touristy shops and just lead us to the nature. Before dawn we departed. Thick clouds above us covered the sky. As the sun slowly climbed up behind the mountains and extruded its first rays of sunshine, the surface of the lake started to shimmer with tremulous light. The clouds were getting thinner. Replaced by the blue sky.

On the bank of the lake, people came out from their tilted houses to take a morning dip or do some laundry in the lake. We saw women with the brightest smiles, children joyfully waving and shouting hello to us. We smiled and waved back. Some kids were fishing, one of them caught a big one and they were delighted. Fishermen skillfully rowed their boat with one leg, spreading the fishnet at the same time.

Dragonflies and birds rode the winds, ducks rode the waves with us. Everything was just so peaceful.

Now is the end of the dry season, the water level is very low. For a couple of times our boat got stuck by the mud and stones underneath. Immediately strong tanned Burmese men around would come over and helped us to push the boat out. We spent most of the time on the boat in the middle of nature. We spoke nothing but my heart was so full and complete. It was such a marvelous feeling.

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