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Malaysia - Langkawi (World Trip Day 88)

Malaysia was not on our list when we set off for our journey. We decided to add it on only because it’s got the cheapest flights connecting to India. Surprisingly though, I felt in love with it badly mainly because of Penang. Langkawi is a little island near Penang, we came here anticipating a few days chilling on the beaches. Once we got here, I realized that it’s not the kind of island I expected. It doesn’t have the soft white sand beaches like Koh Tao. It lacks the rich culture we find in Okinawa. For a while I was kind of disappointed. But Langkawi’s geopark and water activities made it all up for me. The geopark in Langkawi is richly populated by wildlife. We did a mangrove kayak trip to see the rainforest and animals. Our guide is extremely knowledgable and has a passion for the wild. Shamefully I didn’t know what mangrove mean until now. It’s a rainforest of the tide at the intersection of land and sea. The trees here survive the high salt level, their roots dig down to the mud and keep themselves upright in the air. They provide shelter for the birds, nursery grounds for the monkeys, food sources for the snakes, crocodiles, and many other species.

Can you spot a green snake?

A monkey!


It is the second time we kayak, we struggle and quarrel about how to control the direction and speech, at the same time we have to keep our ears open and eyes clear for any wild animals around. Especially the snakes, which we saw one on the tree! We have completely surrendered to the mosquitoes, they come in dozens. It was much more exciting and adventurous than it looks, but we enjoyed it much and learned a lot thanks to our guide! Water Activities We had a blast parasailing in Langkawi. It’s really an incredible adventure that took my breath away. We were attached to a high speed boat and the canopy took us gently into the air 200 meters above water. It was the first time I felt like soaring like an eagle while enjoying the bird’s-eye-panorama-view of the sky, ocean, and beaches. The freedom and excitement bought by the altitude and speed were undescribable.

We also tried jet ski and banana boat, both are fun as well! So grateful for every moment, gotta live life to the fullest.

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