• Sandra

Myanmar - Bagan vol.1 (World Trip Day 61)

How should I describe Bagan? You have to see it to believe it, words and pictures don't do this place any justice.

I love the rich history and captivating details of Angkor, but Bagan is something different. Standing on top of one of the many bigger temples and overlooking 2200 temples stretched out in all directions in 40 square miles, at the edges of the horizon, temples connecting with the mountains and the sky. As you breathe, you realize you’re in tune with the vibration of the universe.

We are here during the low season. We rented an electric bike and cruised the dirt trails to explore the complex. Most of the time there were no other people in sight. We were left alone with nature, temples, the earth and the sky. Sometimes we bump into some goats and their herder.

Shwesandaw Pagoda is amazing at sunrise. But the second day we went to Pyathada temple instead. We were so thrilled to find that we were the only one there and had the whole place to ourselves. It was truly magical.

In Bagan, foreigners can only rent electric bikes. Our bike ran out of battery on the first day just 10 minutes before we reached our hostel. We pulled it over and very soon, two Burmese men riding a motorbike stopped by and asked if we needed help. They couldn’t speak English well but helped us to call the bike company. We tried to give them some fresh mangos in return of their kindness, they didn’t take them and waved us goodbye. So much gratitude for Bagan and the local people.

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