• Sandra

Cambodia - Siem Reap vol.5 (World Trip Day 28)

Apsaras are female dancing deities created by gods and demons as they successfully churned the milky sea. They are all over the Angkor ruins, Check out their beautiful crowns and jewelry. All of the apsaras were carved differently by ancient skillful artisans. They only wear a piece of silky sampot, leaving their full and elegant upper body bare. Some of them are holding a lotus flower, some of them hold fingers in kurana mudra.

I heard that out of the about 1700 apsaras there’s only one in the entire Angkor ruin that exposes her teeth. I’ve been searching for it for a long time, finally found it on a wall facing east in Angkor Wat. She smiles as the morning sun shrines on her face. I was so excited I had to take a photo with her.

If you ever have a chance to come to Angkor, spend some time to find your favorite apsara here.

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