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Vietnam - Hanoi (World Trip Day 21)

Vietnam is not completely a foreign land to me, since both of my parents were born and raised here until the age of eighteen. My second time visiting Vietnam after 9 years, I’m excited for the familiar taste of food and can’t wait to practice my baby-level Vietnamese again. With a median age of 29 and male to female ratio of 1.12, Vietnam seems like a rebellious young boy. The traffic is a madness in Hanoi. Scooters are zooming through the streets without rules and honking horns unnecessarily . On top of the air pollution it caused, the noise pollution is even more irritating. What’s worse, young people checking iPhone while riding scooters. Street vendors try to sell you things at a higher price so you need to test around to find out the normal price.

(Traffic madness in Hanoi, during day time it can be 10 times worse.)

I’m not trying to complain, I think it’s rather fun to see the different culture here. When we get tired of it, we go to lake Hoan Kiem which is only 10 minutes on foot from the old quarter. It’s one of the very few calming places in Hanoi to escape to from the bustling city streets.

lake Hoan Kiem

One thing we enjoyed a lot was the food. Compared to food in Taiwan and Hong Kong, the food here is less greasy, with a lot of herbs and salad. We eat on the street almost everyday, not only it’s cheaper but I think it’s the best! Sadao had some culture shock seeing some cockroaches, awesome experience!

Bún chả

Pho Ga! (chicken noodles)

Halong Bay

Thien Cung Cave

Surrounded by thousands of stalactites in Thien Cung Cave in Halong Bay, Vietnam. It's like an art museum made by nature in millions of years. Use your imagination and see what each piece looks like. ティエンクン鍾乳洞は数千もの鍾乳石に囲まれています。長い月日がかかり形成された二つと無い様々な形の鍾乳石をみてイマジネーションを働かせます。

Zenith Yoga Studio in Hanoi

Moving on to Cambodia next!

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