• Sandra

Hong Kong - Lantau & Dai O (World Trip Day 15)

If you’re tired of the concrete canyons and neon lights in Hong Kong, you also have lots of options like escaping to an island or hiking up to a nearby hill. We took a day trip to Lantau and Dai O (大嶼山,大澳) Though it took us an hour to line up for the cable car tickets, it was definitely worth the visit. Overlooking the view of Hong Kong from the sky was breathtaking. The giant buddha with his eyes half open, serenely looking down at Hong Kong as if he is reminding the people not to get lost in the flashy world of materials.

大嶼山大佛 (Lantau big buddha)

20 minutes of bus ride away from Lantau is a fishing town, Dai O famous for their houses on stilts. People here still live on the water and reply on fishing and making shrimp paste for a living to this day. We took a leisure stroll around the town, time doesn’t seem to matter here.

Dai O

Shrimp paste

We move on to Vietnam, thank you Hong Kong!

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