• Sandra Fang

8 Yin Yoga Poses You Can Practice While Reading a Book

The winter season is a great time for reflection, sitting quietly, sipping a cup of tea and reading a good book. However the hips get tight and the lower back gets sore after sitting still for a long time. Here are 8 yin yoga poses you may practice while reading a book. They allow you to stay focused on what's in your hands for longer time and still received the physical benefits of yin yoga. Kill two birds with one stone.


Pose #1: Butterfly Pose

Benefits: Stretches the lower back and adductor muscles.


Pose #2: Half Butterfly Pose

Benefits: Stretches the lower back and hamstrings.


Pose #3: Swan Pose

Benefits: Stretches the right outer hip and the left quadriceps and hip flexors.


Pose #4: Square Pose

Stretches both outer hips.


Pose #5: Straddle Pose (or Dragonfly)

Opens the hips, groin and the back of thighs.


Pose #6: Caterpillar Pose

Benefits: Focus on the back ligaments and the back of legs.


Pose #7: Frog Pose

Benefits: A deep groin opener.


Pose #8: Sphinx Pose (with wall)

Benefits: Stretches the front side of the body. Gentle backbend poses can be therapeutic for people with herniated disks.


Wishing you all a fulfilling winter spent with your loved ones and valuable time for self-reflection.


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