• Sandra Fang

Autumn Detox

Autumn is my favourite season in Japan. After the scorching heat of summer, the cool breezes and the fragrance of orange osmanthus (金木犀)signal the change of season.

The humble orange osmanthus doesn't have colourful blooms that catch your attention, but its sweet smell is noticeable almost everywhere you walk in Kyoto.

Our sense of smell might not be the most sensitive sense, but the memory of smell seems to last longer than other senses. One day when I leave Kyoto, the smell of Kinmokusei will remain one of my fondest memories of this city.


Autumn and spring are the best seasons to detoxify our body. As the weather changes, pay attention to the subtle changes happening in our body. Here let me introduce my morning detox routine.

1) Breathing

Autumn marks the transition from yang to yin. In summer we are tend to spend our energy outward, spending good time with friends, doing more outdoor activities. As the temperature gets cooler, it's the season to restore energy. Autumn is also a vata season, when we feel the lightness of the wind and air. This time of the year, our emotions tend to get unstable. It's important to really slow down and breathe. Make time every day to breathe slowly. Remember detox is not just about the body. Pay attention to your thoughts and bring your mind back to the present moment.


2) A cup of green smoothie in the morning

I've been drinking a cup of green smoothie in the morning everyday for 2 months now. I feel great! Blending 1/3 apple, 1 kiwi, some green vegetables, and 2 banana makes 2 servings of green smoothie. It give you the energy you need and helps you to cleanse your body inside out.

Since everyone's body is different, to find out what food matches your body type is important. You may consult an ayurveda doctor/teacher.


3) Oil Pulling for whiter teeth and healthier gums

I started oil pulling a month ago. It's an ancient ayurvedic therapy. It's simple, affordable and harmless. All you need is cold pressed coconut oil. You put a spoon coconut oil in your month the first thing you wake up and keep swishing the oil for about 15-20 minutes. As you swish, the oil will pick up bateria accumulated around your teeth and in your gum tissues. Be careful not to swallow the oil. It doesn't waste your time, you can do household chores at the same time.


4) Enjoy the nature

The nature is so generous that it offers beauty for everyone to enjoy. Practice being mindful of all the senses we are in touch with nature.


Typhoon #19 is coming to Kansai tomorrow, stay safe and happy!


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