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Special Lesson by Asumi on October 4th

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Asumi's first lesson at Yoga Forest on June 28th was very refreshing and enjoyable. So we will invite her again on October 4th to share her style of yoga with us. Don't miss it if you liked her class, if you missed her first lesson it's also a good chance to take it!

Maintain your Health for Autumn and Winter

The weather has slowly cool down and moving toward autumn and winter. As the temperature and humidity change, the conditions of our bones and muscles also change. During this time of the year it's wise to take good care of our body to prepare ourselves for the winter season.

You may find her profile here

Time: October 4th Saturday

10:30am - 11:50am

Trial Lesson: ¥2,000 for 2 tickets

Drop-in: ¥1,500 4 tickets for three months: ¥5,000

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2014年 10月4日(土)

10:30am - 11:50am

"メンテナンス ヨガ 秋冬に向けて体を整える”

暑さもひと段落して過ごしやすい季節になりました。 季節の移行期は気温も湿度も変化するのに合わせて骨や筋肉のバランスも変わるため、体調を崩しやすい時期でもあります。 今から身体をうまく整えて、寒い冬に向けて備えていきましょう。


体験レッスン 2レッスン ¥2,000

1回券 ¥1,500 4レッスンチケット(3ヶ月間有効) ¥5,000


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