• Sandra Fang

Yogis English Workshop #4

Our Yogis English Workshop term 4 had come to an end on July 24th.

We started this workshop 2 years ago teaching English to yogis in order to help them to understand yoga lessons/workshops/trainings taught by foreign teachers, as well as to Japanese yoga teachers who want to teach yoga in English someday.

During the 10 lessons over 5 months, we had lots of fun every class, and the students put lots of effort into their study. They made study groups and gathered outside of the classroom to practice their English skills. During the last lesson, all the students had to give a presentation and teach yoga in English to their classmates. It has been tremendously inspiring to see how much they have improved. They made us so proud and did a fabulous job!

All the students joined the workshop with their own intentions and dreams. We were so glad to be a small part of their journey.


Yesterday we taught the first lesson of the 5th term. We will continue to improve our teaching and to assist our students throughout this course. We want to help them to expand their horizon and reach out to the international yoga community.

Our next term will start in December this year. You may find more information here

Yogis English Workshop #6

Have a wonderful summer!