• Sandra Fang

Biwako Camping and Miho Museum

Just what I needed for a long weekend in the summer. Good friends, nature, arts, and yoga.

We started the trip by making a visit to the Miho Museum. We ventured into the nature and mountains to reach there but definitely worth the long trip! When we finally got there I realized it's not merely a museum, but also a shangri-la-like sacred place.


The main museum was designed by I.M.Pei., who intended to bring the building into harmony with the environment and the surrounding view. When I walked into the main hall, I felt the light coming through the glass ceiling that illuminated the whole space.


"Aren't beautiful things wonderful?

They soothe your heart."

Miho Museum


The collection ranges from Japanese art, buddhist art, to the art of the ancient world. I could feel the ancient wisdom that passed down from the old days that continues to bring light to our daily life.

After that we went directly to the campsite, setting up tents and fire for BBQ. Fresh food tastes good even with minimal spices and dressings. As the night got darker, stars started to appear in the sky after a month of rainy season. We talked about love and life with open hearts until midnight.

The second day we woke up with the sun, practiced yoga for an hour or two. Swam in the lake before heading back to Kyoto.

Live life mindfully so you can appreciate the beauty in nature, in arts, and between people in every moment.



Iphone flashlight painting art

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