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Anatomy Yoga on June 28th by Asumi

Dear yogis! Starting from June every month we will invite a guest teacher to share her/his knowledge of yoga with you! So that you can deepen your understanding of yoga from another perspective! ヨギーの皆さんこんにちは。 自宅で開催しているヨガレッスンですが、 6月から各月に一人のゲストヨガティチャーをお招きすることになりました。皆さんが新しいヨガの先生とふれあうことで、よりヨガに対しての深い知識を持つ機会になればと思っています。

Our first guest teacher will be Asumi teaching Anatomy Yoga, she is also an occupational therapist! I hope you can join us! ^^ 記念すべき最初のゲストティチャーは、あすみ先生です。 あすみ先生は、ヨガの先生でもありながら、作業療法士としても活躍しています。

Anatomy Yoga (Pelvis)


June 28th Saturday (Please choose one of these two time sessions)

8:45am - 10:05am


Pelvis is an important part of our body, it connects with the spine to support the upper body and provides stablity for the lower body.



Focusing on the muscles around the hip joints builds strength in the lower body and relieves unnecessary tension in the upper body, and thus stablizes the poses.


Many major lymphatic nodes and major blood vessels pass through the hip joints. Focusing on the hip joints helps elimination of wastes and to improve blood flow.


The class will be a hatha yoga style focusing on each pose in detail and move at a slow pace to release the tensions around the hip joints.


体験レッスン 2レッスン ¥2,000

1回券 ¥1,500 4レッスンチケット(3ヶ月間有効) ¥5,000

Trial Lesson: ¥2,000 for 2 tickets

Drop-in: ¥1,500 4 tickets for three months: ¥5,000

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